Cognitive Development and Higher Education

Cognitive development across the lifespan throws up an interesting problem for us here in Higher Education.There is fairly widespread agreement that Piaget got his developmental stages pretty close to the mark as he described how people develop from infancy through to adulthood. Although there is some argument about the details, with some adjustments that haveContinue reading “Cognitive Development and Higher Education”

Bloom’s Taxonomy — The English Classroom

Bloom’s Taxonomy should be your lifeline to teaching. It outlines low-level thinking to high-level thinking skills: Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation When construct a lesson sequence, you should always consider the order of thinking. Do you want your students to memorise facts, analyse data, compare different theories, or evaluate a criteria against a piece […]Continue reading “Bloom’s Taxonomy — The English Classroom”

60 Non-Threatening Formative Assessment Techniques

April 19, 2019 – Updated on December 18, 2019 in Teaching 3 min read Click here for the full list: by TeachThought Staff As frequently as a chef needs to check a sauce for taste, teachers should check for understanding. These can be formal–formative or summative assessment, multiple choice, short answer, essay, matching, and related iconic ‘test’ forms. But theyContinue reading “60 Non-Threatening Formative Assessment Techniques”

18 Inconvenient Truths About Assessment Of Learning

January 8, 2020 in Teaching 6 min read 18 Inconvenient Truths About Assessment Of Learning by Terry Heick I. In terms of pedagogy, the primary purpose of an assessment is to provide data to revise planned instruction. It should provide an obvious answer to the question, “So? So what? What now?” II. It’s an extraordinary amount of work toContinue reading “18 Inconvenient Truths About Assessment Of Learning”

Darryl Williams’ Framework for Online Lessons – Teach Like a Champion

My colleague Darryl Williams leads our partnership work, where we work directly with schools to help them achieve their vision of high-quality equitable instruction in every classroom. Because he spends so much time working directly with schools as they implement, he’s often the first to propose solutions to emerging challenges, and with COVID-mandated online learningContinue reading “Darryl Williams’ Framework for Online Lessons – Teach Like a Champion”

The Flipped Classroom

Jon is a teacher, educational coach, and writer who has had the privilege of helping educators “turn learning on its head.” Jon, along with Aaron Sams, is considered a pioneer in the Flipped Class Movement. He spent 24 years as a middle and high school science teacher before becoming the lead technology facilitator for aContinue reading “The Flipped Classroom”

This was written in 1916…

“We make the child fit the school. The school of tomorrow will make the school fit the child. Education is the acquistion of power and ability, not an accumulation of facts. School should aim at making character. School should cease to educate the youth away from life. The way to train for life is toContinue reading “This was written in 1916…”