Fun on the Farm

Final Presentation – Gretell Scott

For my final project, I wrote a unit about Fun on the Farm for pre-Kindergarteners, ages 3, 4, and 5.

I. Preparing the Class:

  1. Choose animals the children know or pre-teach the animals for the song – ducks, pigs, horses, sheep etc.
  2. Make pictures of each animal for all children in the class.
  3. Prepare sheets of paper to match animals and their sounds

II. Introduction to the Lesson:

Create a classroom mural titled “What We Know About Farms.”

  1. Set up a farm display area to generate interest in the new classroom theme (might include straw hats, overalls, farm toys and of course animals).
  2. Hand out the pictures of each animal to all children in the class. Check that they know the English word for their animals.
  3. Make the children think about their favorite animal that lives on a farm.
  4. Make the student listen to the recording of “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”, and think about what animal from the song they want to be. (Then, they will be asked to participate according to the choice they made).

III. Step-by-step Procedures for Teaching the Focus Concepts

  1. Listen to the recording of the song line by line; “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and ask children to join you according to the animal they have selected. If it is necessary, stop the song line by line until they get the idea.
  2. Sing the song together with the accompaniment provided on video.
  3. Promote mimics, gestures, etc. associated with the meaning to make children play a participative role freely.

IV. Closure and Review of the Lesson:

  1. Divide up the children into their animal groups to sing “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” song without the accompaniment of the video.

Assessing Understanding of the Concept Taught

  1. Children may use a paper to match animal sounds to the correct farm animals.
  2. Children will match the picture of the animal with the sound the animal makes in the song.


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