Teaching Resources- Let’s Explore My Neighborhood


Student:     David Harycki

Center:       Tirso de Molina

E-mail:       dharycki1@gmail.com

  Title of the final project:

Let’s explore my neighorhood

 Brief summary (50 words approximately)

This lesson targets Grade 1 and Grade 1 Mixed (Grade 1 / 2). It integrates the following themes:

         • Places in the neighborhood

         • Modes of transportation

         • Numbers from one to 20

         • Telling directions between two places with a physical map

The lesson extends the concepts and objectives presented in Chapter 6 (Let’s explore my town) of the Grade 1 English textbook series used in class.

  Topics covered:

  • Music & Songs
  • Countries & Traditions (i.e. the difference in spelling between “neighborhood” and “neighbourhood”
  • Food
  • Leisure Activities
  • Others


Neighborhood / Firetruck/ Fire Station/ Fix-it shop/ Apartment building/ Grocery story/ Police car/ Police station/ Garage/ Car/ Boat/ Port/ Sail/ Airplane/ Airport/ Left/ Right/ Turn/ Straight

  Choose educational reference level:

  • Primary School

Link accommodation resource:

Block paper and rulers so students can construct a map of their neighbor / town

Sesame Street – “Places in Our Neighborhood”

Means of transport: The Song – English Educational Videos | Little Smart Planet

Places in My Neighborhood 1st Grade

• During the first 1:34 of the video, the presenter prepares teachers to teach context clues and pre-reading activities such as genre study

• At the 1:34 mark, the narration of the book starts.

Places in a city – English Educational Videos | Little Smart Planet

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