Let’s Explore My Neighborhood

Final Presentation – Let’s Explore My Neighborhood

This is the final presentation for Let’s Explore My Neighborhood.

Teacher Resources- Final Project Sheet

.This is the approved form to propose the Let’s Explore My Neighborhood unit.

Guide for Let’s Explore My Neighborhood

This is the completed template for teachers and language assistants to use when teaching the Let’s Explore My Neighborhood.

Flipbook – Final Guide- Let’s Explore My Neighborhood

This is a Flipbook that I created on Designrr for the information contained in the Final Guide.

David Harycki

This is my final project for Aux Madrid.

The lesson targets Grade 1 and Grade 1 Mixed (Grades 1 and 2). It addresses the following themes:

         • Places in the neighborhood

         • Modes of transportation

         • The ordinal numbers from one to 20 (first, second, etc.)

         • Telling directions between two places with a physical map

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