Teach with us

We use the Learning Cycle as a teaching model

Only the Best

We are recruiting the best online teachers. Our teachers are facilitators of learning, not the “sage on the stage.” Our students should be the ones doing most of the talking during a class period. We need teachers who start with practical applications, engaging your students in the learning cycle, not those who are expert lecturers. If this describes you, then please complete the Faculty Application Form.

Teach from the comfort of your home. Earn an extra paycheck every two-weeks for the time after your regular teaching job. Prepare an interactive video lesson weekly and lead a small-group discussions via our online platform weekly.

Develop with us

Our faculty receive online Google training and certification.

Our faculty receive online professional development in advanced EDU-Skills teaching methods. Check out our online resources at the Professional Development Exploratorium and our Professional Development Blog.

Effective Inquiry-Based STEM Education Smithsonian Science Education Center

We offer advanced professional development consultancy for schools and teachers.

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